Saturday, August 29, 2009

Special Order Football Cake

We had a lady contact us about doing a special order quarter sheet cake for her son's birthday. She wanted it to look like a football field. Liz said she had done one before and we could do that.

I ordered some football decor for the cake and basically handed it all off to Liz because it was my hubby's birthday the day we needed to work on it. Like the wonderful sister she is, Liz said she'd take care of it.

This is the cake she came up with. I can't tell you how knock out cute this cake is in person! I knew she was talented, but I was totally blown away when I saw it. She did a top notch job and I'm so proud of her (and the cake)!

See all those lines and little numbers on the cake?
She free-handed those on there.
Yeah, that's what I said too!