Monday, August 31, 2009


I've been thinking a lot about our first two weeks making and selling cupcakes at PapaBoos. It's been fun, crazy, and exhausting! We are having a great time not only making and decorating cupcakes, but also talking to all of YOU who come in to buy and eat our cupcakes. It is so satisfying to see someone thoroughly enjoy something we made.

Lots of things happen in the kitchen that no customer ever sees (don't worry, your cupcakes are totally safe)! If someone were to spy on us, though, they might see us laughing a whole lot, listening to some crazy music, dancing (badly), singing (badly), doing jumping jacks and push-ups, taste-testing our products, washing many dishes, and causing powdered sugar explosions with the stand mixer.

I actually like my sister, and love seeing her every day (it's true). I'm loving cupcake-making and want to thank everyone who has come by to get some cupcakes. Keep coming back for more!