Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Toys

I ordered some new "toys" and they arrived this morning.
First I got a 24-cup cupcake pan.

Last week my sister mentioned us needing more icing spatulas, so by golly, I ordered us some icing spatulas.
The spatula on the left is the one I had -
the other three are the ones I ordered.
I think they're too big - don't you? I have no idea what I'll be
icing with those, but I can tell you it won't be cupcakes.

And I also got some more white cupcake liners -
10,000 to be exact.
Yes, you read that correctly.
No, I didn't add too many zeros.
10,000. We're gonna be busy. I hope.


  1. The icing spatulas are huge! I see another order being placed! Wow 10,000 cupcake liners!

  2. Yeah, the spatulas actually scare me! LOL!