Sunday, March 27, 2011

Construction Theme Birthday Cake

I had the opportunity to create the 1st birthday cake for
Grayson last year. It was the very first farm cake I did.

This year the theme was construction and here is
his 2nd birthday cake!

It's a 6"/9" cake frosted in buttercream with fondant
decorations. The safety cone and construction equipment
are made from krispy cereal and then covered in fondant.
Some rocks are fondant and some are chocolate candy rocks.

I looked at lots of construction themed cakes on the internet
for ideas, but a big thanks to Deb's Custom Cakes on Flickr
for her construction cake. I got lots of great ideas from her!

Cement mixer

Barrels and Dump truck

Happy 2nd Birthday Grayson!

(Can't wait to work on the next cake!)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Softball Birthday Cake

I did a softball cake back in November and a friend of
that little girl also wanted a softball cake.
So, since they're friends, I didn't want to repeat
a design. Here's the latest version of the
Softball Birthday Cake!

It's an 8" round frosted in buttercream with
fondant and gumpaste decorations. The softball
is styrofoam covered in fondant.

I wanted to make the softball look like it had been
hit so hard that it was flying up through the clouds
toward the sun.

Happy Birthday Emily!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fire Engines, Basketballs & Planes, Oh my!

What a fun first birthday cake for a little boy!

The cake design is based on the party invites and

The cake is a 6"/8" and is frosted in buttercream
with fondant and gumpaste decorations.
Plus one dozen cupcakes with matching decorations.

Happy 1st Birthday Dane!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What have I been doing for the past three days?

I've been taking a cake class with the fabulous
Kaysie Lackey from The People's Cake which
is located in Seattle, Washington.
Kaysie has won two Food Network
Extreme Cake challenges and is an
outstanding cake artist!

I'm a HUGE fan of Kaysie's work and was thrilled
to get an opportunity to take a class
taught by her!

This was a Balance Cake Class and the cake
was based on a design that Kaysie has done several
times. It's a wonky, tea party themed cake.

The table portion of the cake is a 12" cake, the
teapot is a 9" cake and the tea cup is a 6" cake.
Each person in the class got to paint their cake
in the design of their choice.

I had such fun and learned so much! Kaysie was
very generous in sharing her cake knowledge with
the class!
I'm really tickled with how my cake turned out
and look forward to another class with Kaysie!

Me and Kaysie with our cakes!

Me and Kaysie with my cake!

Thanks again Kaysie, I had a blast!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rainbow Butterflies Birthday Cake

This butterfly cake was for my niece Abby's 5th birthday.
She's been telling me for months that she wanted a
butterfly cake and she loves bright colors.

It's a 9" cake frosted in buttercream with fondant
and gumpaste decorations.

Happy 5th Birthday Abby!

Pink & Blue Birthday Cake

This cake was based on the party invites which
had pink and blue polka dots.

It's a 5"/8" cake frosted in buttercream with
fondant and gumpaste accents.