Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow Day Fun

Since we were home with the massive snow storm,
I decided to practice working with fondant and
created a "dummy" cake.

A dummy cake is made using styrofoam for the
"cake" part and decorated as you normally would.
Lots of bakeries use these for displays and samples
of their work.

This is a display cake I worked on.
The bottom tier is 8", the top tier is
6" and both are covered in fondant.
Fondant/Gumpaste bows and flowers.
This was lots of fun and gave
me a chance to practice my flowers.


  1. That looks great! Love the pink and white combination! Too bad it can't be eaten!

  2. As soon as I finished it, Andrew wanted to know if he could have some. He didn't know it was made from styrofoam - LOL!