Sunday, January 17, 2010

18th Birthday Cake

18th Birthday Cake

Here is another cake we did for a birthday for today,
for twins celebrating their 18th birthday.

One cake is vanilla, one cake is chocolate and
both are frosted in vanilla buttercream.
The one is covered in fondant dots and the eight
is covered in fondant stripes.

Hope you have a very Happy Birthday Katie & Kyle!


  1. This is a beautiful cake. Obviously from two very talented ladies. I've started up a couple of businesses and you have to do what you love or it gets old very fast. You two are going to make it. Keep up the good work. My blog is at Adventures in thrift store and yard sale shopping. Stop by and see me.

  2. Thanks so much Laura! Really appreciate the comments! We do love what we're doing, so we're excited about what the future hold for us.