Monday, September 7, 2009

New Cooking Space

Within the week, we hope to move into our new cooking space in PapaBoos Pizza Restaurant. We've been working in close quarters in the pizza kitchen, and I'm sure they'll be glad to have their counter space back. Let's look at where we work:

Here is our 12 feet of counter space where the cupcake magic happens each day. We've got it stacked every which way to make all our cooking supplies fit.

This is the pizza dough mixer which is very close to the counter. You have to do the "shimmy" to get by if someone else happens to be working right there. (Good thing Liz and I like each other!) It's usually just easier to walk around the mixer and the table and go to the other side to get what you need.

This is the oven we use. 'Nuff said

Now through this door is our new cooking space in the back of the new party room at PapaBoos. This is why there hasn't been many posts this past week or so. We've been busy trying to get our cupcake kitchen ready. The hubby even took some vacation time from work to help us out - couldn't have done it without him! (He even helped out as "bottle washer" a few days - that was a huge help too!)(And my mom let the kids spend the entire weekend with her which was a huge help too!)

Here you have a couple of work tables for cooling/frosting cupcakes, and storage shelves for all kinds of goodies.

Here you can see our shelves with the storage bins that will hold all the sprinkles and doo-dads we put on top of the cupcakes to make them pretty.

Here is the table we're planning to use when we're mixing up the cupcake recipes. And check out our 1969 Kelvinator fridge. I know you're jealous! (It's been in the family since it was new.)

Here is our stove and our cart to take our dishes back to the main kitchen for washing in the big dishwasher. We will have a small area in this kitchen for some washing though.

This is me at 5:00am ready to start baking cupcakes. Running a little behind - so let's get going!


  1. I think your cooking space may be bigger than my entire apartment! What an upgrade.

    *Movin' on up...* Exciting!

  2. It is exciting - we can't wait to actually start cooking in there!

  3. Hey, I'm really proud for you and your sister...congrats to you all and being able to expand into your new space.
    Love ya and hope to see you all soon!