Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A few daily pics

Here are some pics from the last couple of days:


This one is very, very popular! Each time we make these they sell out very quickly, so today we decided to make more. They were still all gone by about 3:00. Guess we'll make even more next time!

Blackberry Vanilla

This is a new flavor we decided to offer today. I hope everyone liked it - it's one of my favs!

Full display case first thing this morning

Chocolate and Chocolate Cherry Surprise

The Chocolate is always popular and the Chocolate Cherry Surprise has done really well also.

My son Andrew bought a Chocolate Cherry Surprise yesterday to eat on the way home. First he ate the cherry and the frosting off the top, and then proceeded to eat the cake. After a few minutes he said "Hey, there are more cherries inside here!". I told him "Surprise!". LOL!

Thanks to everyone who has come by to just say "hi" or to buy cupcakes. We really appreciate all the support and all the positive feedback about our cupcakes.
It makes getting up at 3am worth it!

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