Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Teal & Black Birthday Cake

Here's the birthday cake I was working on today.

It's an 8" strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream
frosting. The decorations are fondant.

We hope you have a very Happy Birthday Kelly!


  1. Adorable! Is the flower made of fondant?

  2. Thanks! It's made from a fondant/gumpaste combination so that it will dry pretty hard and hold it's shape.

  3. How did you make the flower? And what kind of fondant did you use(MMF or other?) I was thinking of making a similar cake but I'm not sure I have the time...

  4. I used several different sizes of a 6-petal flower cutter. I ruffled the edges and let them dry overnight and then glued them together. I use Satin Ice fondant. Anything I need to dry hard, like the flower, I use Satin Ice with Tylose powder added in. Hope this helps!