Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chooo Choooo........

All Aboard!

We had a blast working on this train
birthday cake for Greyson's 2nd birthday
this morning!

It's a 6" and 8" vanilla cake with
vanilla buttercream frosting and fondant

Hope you have a very Happy Birthday Greyson!


  1. I got to see the cake in person, and eat it too! It was so cute-and everyone at the party was complimenting it and asking who did it :). So maybe you will get some new customers! :)

  2. It was wonderful! Beautiful and tasty! Brandy is right, EVERYONE at the party was asking who made it so I told EVERYONE exactly how to get one for themselves....and maybe some pizza and cupcakes too! Thank you again!

  3. Becca~Thank you for your order! We loved creating this cake for Greyson! I'm glad everyone enjoyed it!