Sunday, December 13, 2009

Things I've learned while working in the bakery......

Liz and I were chatting this weekend and were
trying to think of clever and funny things we
could write about on the blog, but both of us
were drawing a blank.

After several "entertaining" things happened
on Saturday while working, we keep
saying that we should add that to the list
of things we've learned while working in the bakery.

So here we go......

1. When you are working with chocolate frosting, and
there is a hole in your bag (even if you tape the hole closed),
if the frosting gets cold, and you squeeze the bag,
it will shoot out the side under the tape and all over the
baking rack.

2. When you are coloring fondant, you should always
wear plastic gloves because the coloring can stain your hands.
Especially if your hands are dry from the cold and hot water
from washing dishes all the time. (See picture below as evidence).


  1. Wow! How long does it take for this to wear off? Kinda reminds me of the stuff they put in the bank robbers bag of money! LOL!

  2. That's what it looked like before I washed my hands. Most of it is gone now, but you can still see it faintly. Probably a couple of days until it's completely gone. LOL!