Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday's Pics

We've got a couple of new flavors today, so I thought I'd post some pics and introduce them.

Don't the cupcakes look pretty all lined up?


This is a coconut cake topped with a pineapple/orange
cream cheese frosting, toasted coconut and a
festive umbrella

M & M

This is a vanilla cake with mini M&M candies
mixed in. It's topped with vanilla buttercream
frosting and more mini M&M candies

Chocolate OD

Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream
frosting, dipped in chocolate and topped
with sprinkles

Coconut Joy

Let me tell you a little about our Coconut Joy cupcake.
It's a coconut cake topped with coconut buttercream
frosting, then dipped in dark chocolate and topped
with an almond.

I've been surprised at how many people that say they
don't like coconut. (I thought I was the only one!)
I've always liked the flavor of coconut, but not the texture.
I've never been able to get past that - until this cupcake.
We chop the coconut up into very small pieces, so the
texture is really not an issue anymore.

Of all the cupcakes we make - this is in my Top 5 -
(remember I don't like coconut usually)
it's that good - you should give it a try!
If you like Almond Joy or Mounds candy bars,
you'll really like this cupcake.

Big Orange Sherbet

Vanilla cake topped with orange sherbet flavored
buttercream frosting, orange sugar sprinkles, and
an orange flavored jelly pumpkin

Hope we'll be "seeing" you tomorrow!

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